We take great care and pride in our animals, and are proud to be producers of quality beef, lamb, and veal.
The system here is simple we grow harvest and feed what we have grown here on our farm. To feed and finish the animals, with the exception of a few protein pellets for the last 2 months, this helps make the meat tender and succulent.

Meat direct from Farm to Fork

We take care of everything from start to finish, as is our motto ‘From Farm to Fork’.

Direct Communication

You meet the person, who is in direct contact with the farm and farming.

Fantastic Beef, Lamb and Veal

Our customers love the taste of our Beef, Lamb and Veal, we treat our Animals well to ensure they are well reared and fed.

Slow Grown

The beef is slightly older here and we do beef animals between 4 and 6 years of age, more tender meat with more flavour and easier to cook.

The corn we feed goes to the older cow to help them make milk to feed the calf’s, to the Texel sheep because they are greedy!! Many of the times, the cattle are fed outside so they have grass hay and supplements of corn, best of all worlds.

The lambs are finished on grass, and are never bought inside, they also may get a little help from the corn in the autumn when the grass is past its best. In addition, we plant a forage crop for them, turnips or forage rape.

We feed; hay, silage, maize silage, straw, wheat, and protein pellets.

We also plant feed in the field to grow, Turnips and forage rape, this allows us to continue to feed the cattle and sheep outside, and these crops have very high protein content, so the young heifers grow and develop well in to strong cows to become part of our herd of limousine cattle.

We calf the cows from March to October, The calf’s are then strong for the winter.

The sheep start lambing in February, The Texel’s first, they take time and 80% of them need a little help lambing, they can be a little lazy (too posh to push).

The next lot start in March, they are the Chamois, They lamb with no problem, the lambs are up and sucking in a little time, and the ewes are hardy and good mums.

So you may ask why the Texel’s at all? (I ask myself this sometimes) They have 2 lambs a lot of the time, they are good mums too and have more milk than the chamois so they can bring up 2 lambs.