Life on the farm

One December we were waiting for the bank manager to come see us to discuss the coming year.

We put on the television and a house in the sun home or away was on, they showed a couple around the place: House, Barn, Shed, Old buildings for renovation and 17 ha £120,000. We both thought the same thing, let’s have a look at this and it was in France, that is where it started.

We came out for the first time in September 2013 for a week, went home after putting an offer in on a farm, and waited for the response, Oh yes and got married!!
We got the farm and it all moved along quite well, we moved here to France in March 2014, and we are enjoying France.
We bought the farm lock stock; we even got a man that works for us, and a direct sales business for the beef and veal.
The owners of the farm before us have been fantastic and still help me to this day with the beef.